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Great benefits of hiring Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents Lawyer

Amazon has quickly gotten one of the major online stores in the world, and offers billions of Amazon packages throughout america each year. This means that there are Amazon delivery trucks and vans on the highway at any time. While Amazon is obviously a convenient way to search, the sheer amount of Amazon trucks on the road means that Amazon delivery drivers are in charge of auto accidents nearly every day. While Amazon does take precautions in regards to training their drivers, there continues to be room for human error that can cause serious and even deadly accidents.

Common Causes Of Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

There are several common causes that cause an accident caused by an Amazon delivery truck or van driver. These basic causes include:

The driver is pretty quickly to complete all their deliveries and practices unsafe driving
Reckless driving and/or speeding
Driver fatigue
Hampered visibility therefore of packages in the windshield area
Distracted driving, such as texting or talking on the telephone while driving
Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Ignoring traffic signals such as stop lights or signs
While other commercial truck drivers must practice safe driving habits to avoid fatigue, most Amazon drivers aren’t afflicted by these strict requirements. This may cause drivers working under unsafe conditions and can result in dangerous and even deadly accidents.

Injuries That Can Result From AN ACCIDENT With An Amazon Delivery Truck
As with other truck and auto accidents, a major accident caused by an Amazon delivery truck or van can cause mild to major injuries. The injuries sustained will rely upon the weight of the Amazon van or truck, how quickly the automobiles were traveling during collision, and the severe nature of the accident.

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Examples of injuries incurred during a car accident with an Amazon delivery truck or van include:

Traumatic brain injuries
Spine injuries
Head injuries
Broken bones
Fractured bones
Cuts, lacerations, and burns
Back and neck injuries
Seat belt injuries
Wrongful death
What To Do After An Amazon Delivery Truck Accident
The following are steps accident victims should take immediately following a major accident caused by an Amazon delivery truck driver:

Contact Law Enforcement
The first thing you should do after an auto accident is call the authorities. They are going to come to the scene and perform various tasks that will finally offer you concrete documentation of the collision. Be sure you ask for a copy of the police report, as this is information when seeking compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Take Pictures
While the police will take photographs of the scene of the accident while onsite, it’s also advisable to take pictures as well if you’re able to do so. Get images of the vehicles mixed up in collision, any injuries you or your passengers sustained, and the scene of the accident. Visit this page for more details

Seek Medical Attention
You should always elect to seek medical assistance following any sort of accident, in case you don’t feel you’ve sustained any injuries. Many injuries incurred during a car accident aren’t realized until hours or days later. In case you elect never to seek medical help and wrap up with an injury days or weeks following accident, you could risk losing out on compensation for those injuries due to too little medical documentation immediately following the collision.

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Contact A amazon truck delivery accident lawyer
If you choose to file a lawsuit resistant to the at-fault driver’s company or Amazon itself, you’re going to want dedicated and experienced professionals working for you. These kind of accidents often involve a number of legal issues that can be difficult to understand, especially following the stress of being involved in an auto accident. The legal professional you use will be able to provide you with the services you need to ensure you go to court with a solid case.

If you’ve recently been injured therefore of a major accident with an Amazon delivery van or truck, you could be interested in whether you can sue Amazon directly for your injuries. Unfortunately, most those who are involved with Amazon delivery truck accidents cannot sue Amazon immediately for compensation. This is due to many of the trucks and vans driven by Amazon delivery drivers aren’t owned directly by Amazon, and the driver is not only a direct employee of Amazon. Typically, Amazon delivery drivers are independent contractors that are hired and utilized by Amazon Delivery Partner Services, which really is a division of Amazon Logistics. Because of this, the defendant in a court case will be the company that hired the independent contractor rather than Amazon itself.

Because Amazon drivers aren’t directly hired by Amazon, the business is capable of step out of direct liability when drivers get excited about auto accidents. So, in short, in most cases you cannot sue Amazon immediately after a major accident with an Amazon delivery truck or van. However, Amazon does require all its contractors to obtain liability insurance, therefore you can seek compensation. The liability insurance required is referred to as Amazon Flex Insurance plan. This insurance coverage offers auto liability coverage as high as $1 million. This means that when a delivery driver is in charge of a car accident, the insurance plan covers up to $1 million in injuries and damages suffered by third parties.

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One thing to know is that insurance viable if the Amazon delivery driver is “on the clock.” Which means that if the accident happens after the driver has clocked out, the Amazon Flex insurance won’t cover injuries or damages.