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An expunged criminal record can have many benefits. If you are applying to a job, professional license, citizenship, or an apartment, it is important that you disclose any convictions. A criminal conviction on your record will make it less likely that you are selected for the job, promoted, granted your professional license, or allowed to rent an apartment. You will also be asked about your criminal history if you are a party to or a witness in any legal proceedings. A jury or court may not believe you as a witness if there are convictions in your past. They may also doubt the merits or validity of your case if they are parties.

An expungement of a criminal record can have many positive effects on your professional and personal life. These are some of the reasons people contact us to help them expunge their criminal records. Visit: Rand & Gregory Attorneys at Law Aberdeen 28315 Fayetteville NC for more details


The vast majority of people seek expungement to get a job. Employers will usually run background checks on applicants. Let’s face it, no one wants to explain the circumstances surrounding a criminal conviction from back in college during a job interview, nor do they want to disclose a one-time mistake from years ago on an employment application. The process of applying for a job is stressful enough. With a successful expungement, you won’t have to worry about explaining or disclosing a past mistake.

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Credit/Getting A Loan

Like employers, loan agencies also ask for and run a background check for information related to an applicant’s prior criminal record. You may be denied a loan if you have a criminal history. This applies even if the criminal record is not related to theft, embezzlement and fraud. A criminal record can be expunged to remove any red flags that may exist when you try to borrow money.

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Social Reasons

Almost anything can be found on the internet, including a person’s criminal record. A criminal record is not something that anyone wants to be viewed differently. People don’t want to be expelled from clubs or organizations because of past mistakes. It is not fair to be expelled from an invitation list for a local gathering due to something that occurred years ago. An expungement is a way to alleviate your worries and get rid of any criminal records.

Routine background checks for current and potential employees have increased in frequency since the terrible attacks on 9/11. While a simple conviction for criminal offense may not have had much impact in years past, today’s routine background checks of potential employees and current employees can make a significant difference. A criminal conviction can prevent you from advancement or job opportunities or could even lead to your termination. An expungement of a criminal case has many benefits, but perhaps the most valuable is to be able to check ‘No’ when asked by your employer or a potential employer about your past.

An excellent way to erase a criminal conviction and close the chapter on past mistakes is through expungement. You can get an expungement of the record. This allows a person to move forward in their lives without the burden of a previous conviction or disclosure of a criminal record. Expungements may give you peace of mind, a clean slate and the opportunity to pursue career options that were not possible with a criminal history.